85°East Summer Internship Program

Many if not most internships abroad fail to provide the academic and contextual support that is necessary to cultivate real, lasting changes in a student’s understanding of the world and of themselves. While experiencing life abroad can be rewarding and instructive, 85°East

With your help, 85°East is committed to making Nepal work for Nepalis. Our summer internship program is just one small piece of a large, economically sustainable effort by National Innovation Center Nepal to bring professional expertise, research opportunities, and economic investment into the country.

College students who are accepted to the 85°East Summer Internship Program will be paired with Nepali teachers, entrepreneurs, or engineers who are involved in ongoing development projects. In addition to their placement, students will also be responsible for attending weekly seminars with our program director to discuss their understanding of the unique, specific challenges that have dogged development work in Nepal for years, as well as how their experience living and working in Nepal has shifted or changed their world view.

Ideally, everyone will benefit: students get a summer of direct experience working with Nepali entrepreneurs and innovators, their Nepali partners get an outside perspective on the project, and because 100% of our profits will be donated to the National Innovation Center, there is a direct financial investment back into the country. 85°East’s program which includes arrangements for accommodations, meals, and travel, orientation, and seminars provides the academic and social support that they may not find elsewhere.