A team is developing incubator for rural clinics and hospitals. The prototype of the incubator has been already developed in wooden box and electronic circuits for controlling and monitoring the temperature, humidity and other parameters has been developed. The next step is to design the product for commercial purpose, which will be affordable by rural clinics.

 तीन जना ईन्जिनियरहरुले गाउँको हेल्थपोस्टहरुमा राख्नको लागी सस्तो र राम्रो किसिमको बच्चाको ईन्क्युबेटरको बिकास गर्ने काम अन्तिम चरणमा पुर्याएक छन्. सो ईन्क्युबेटर समय नपुगिकन जन्मेको बच्चाहरु र जन्डिस भएका बच्चाहरुलाई बचाउनको लागी प्रयोग गरिन्छ.

The problem

A new-born infant period is the most fragile period of the human life and this period is most susceptible to morbidity and mortality. Neonatal morbidity and Mortality significantly contribute to infant mortality rate and under-five mortality rate globally; premature birth is one of the major cause behind neonatal mortality in Nepal.  The neonatal mortality death rate of Nepal per 1000 birth was 23 according of 2013, with premature births contributing to 31% of deaths as the highest number, followed by birth asphyxia and birth trauma (23%), sepsis and other infectious conditions allocates (18%), and congenital abnormalities (13%) as other causes of infant deaths.  Although solutions and technologies exist today to improve the survival and health of preterm babies, a significant group of people in developing countries like Nepal still have no access to these solutions. A neonatal incubator, widely used device for saving infant life during these conditions, is one such example – the health centre’s and hospitals in low resource and rural areas of Nepal often lacks this simple device because of low funds of the health care centre’s and high cost of branded sophisticated incubators, other problems such as low grade device, and inadequate quantities of device also often prevent people from getting access to using baby incubators.

The solutions

Our priority is to develop “Low cost baby incubator” for rural areas health post and birth centre. Design a low cost neonatal incubator along with Phototherapy unit in the same device to address the problem of neonatal jaundice. Where 60% of new birth are prone to suffer from neonatal jaundice. A system consists of a mechanism to keep the baby in the incubator warm and provide an artificial environment that mimics the environment of the mother’s womb regarding the temperature, humidity and oxygen supply. The base of the incubator is a composite panel that includes a heater, a fan and a humidifying element. A phototherapy unit consisting of a blue LED light compartment is added on top to address the health needs of jaundiced baby. Therefore, Nani Incubator would be the best solution to treat the babies of rural areas of Nepal. For health centre’s having low resources. Easy to access in local market, easy to handle and low complication on performance. Which is likely to be acceptable by the public and health personal on days to come.

Team member

Sunil Baniya

Team leader

Sanjay Bahadur Singh Thakuri

Biomedical Engineer

Suraj Karki

Hardware mentor

Swain Shrestha

Software engineer

Laxman Bhushal

Biomedical Engineer

Advisory Team

David Kovacs

Msc. Bio Medical Engineer

Dr. Mahabir Pun

Chairman of National Innovation center

Saroj Dhital

Senior Surgeon

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