We care about Creative and Innovative people.

Our Story

One of the major reasons Nepal is economically a least developed country is that there is little happening in our country to promote economic development. Nepal imports over 90% of its goods, and manufactures and exports very little, resulting in a huge trade deficit. A major economic overhaul will be required to make Nepal a prosperous country in the 21st century. To ensure a sustainable base, Nepal must give the highest priority to science, technology-creation, and innovation.

Topmost priority must be given to nurturing home-grown inventors, innovators and scientists to promote this economic development. Because of the lack of such an initiative at the government and private level, a majority of newly-graduated, talented, innovative and creative Nepalis leave the country every year in search of better careers and opportunities abroad. This is a huge and shameful loss for a country like Nepal. As a result, Nepal remains one of the least developed countries, despite so much foreign aid over many years. Unless and until Nepal stops losing creative, innovative and talented human resources at such an alarming rate, it will remain an underdeveloped country. This is a bitter, but irrefutable fact. The goal of the National Innovation Center is to retain talented and creative people and use their talents for the economic development of Nepal, specifically through research and innovation.

Our Vision

Make Nepal an economically prosperous nation through Research, Innovation and Technology

Our Mission

Utilize skills of talented Nepali to innovate new things to make Nepal economically developed

Our Values

Provide a platform for Innovation with Transparency, Honesty and Integrity

Board Members

Dr. Mahabir Pun

A teacher, social entrepreneur and an activist. Known for work in applying wireless technologies to develop remote areas of the Himalayas. Widely known as "Wireless Man" in Nepal.

Dr. Dinesh Bhuju
Board Member

Adjunct Professor at Agriculture and Forestry University, Nepal and visiting Professor to Northwest University, China. PhD from Chiba University, Japan.

Dr. Pramod Dhakal
Board Member

Chairperson at NRNA Academy, Canada Foundation for Nepal. Involved in Steering Committee of Open University of Nepal initiative.

Mr. Hari Kumar Silwal
Board Member

Chartered Accountant. Social worker, Philanthropist, Writer, Humanitarian