Highlighted Projects

Other Projects

# Title Description
1 Drone Under Construction.
2 Monkey Repellent System A solar powered device that senses and repels wild animals.
3 Baby Warmer A team has successfully developed and tested a baby warmer at National Innovation Center. It has been provided to the Kirtipur Hopsital for operation and is functional since January 4th, 2020. The team trained a group of nurses and biomedical engineers on the operation of the warmer. Read More..
4 Looma Smart interactive education system that contains government mandated curriculum as well as additional informative materials.
5 Baby Incubator Low cost baby incubator for remote hospitals and health centers. Read More..
6 Phototherapy Unit A medical device that treats neonatal jaundice.
7 Sel Roti making Machine A mechanical solution for mass-production of a trditional nepali cuisine called "Sel Roti".
8 Sabji Kothi Low cost, Decentralized, portable storage for extending the shelf-life of horticultural products. It is a non-cooling, non-chemical solution which is bound to increase the income of marginal farers and trader’s up to 30%. Read More..
9 Electronic Billing System Digital menu and order management system within a portable unit that allows for remote connection as well as token and bill printing.
10 OK Journey Online bus ticketing platform and bus route information system.
11 Trekkinghomes.com Platform to book homestay in Nepal, targeting visit Nepal 2020.
12 Electrical Conversion Converting over 20 years old diesel engines into electrical.
13 Ginger Drink Creating a carbonated drink based on Ginger intended for mass-production.
14 Black Soldier Fly Developing alternative animal protein resources for poultry by using black soldier fly larva. Read More..
15 Reverse Vending Machine A device that accepts used (empty) beverage containers and dispenses awards to the user primarly used for recycling plastic products.
16 Solar Water Heater A solar water heating unit with a specialized coating allowing for higher efficiency.
17 Prawn Farming A modern way of prawn farming, prawn fish is not so common in Nepal but it has high value in market.
18 EHR System Tele-Medicine and Electronic Health Recording System which records information of patients visiting hospitals.
19 Kutumba.net An app to track down the ancestry of users
20 Thermal power N/A
21 Plastic Melting Machine A machine which is used to recycle plastic waste by melting it.
22 Everestkart.com E-commerce platform, currently operational.
23 Blind Spot Detection Reduces heavy-good vehicle and bike related accidents using Computer Vision.
24 Incense Making Machine A machine which can be used to make incense for larger scale, first time in Nepal, a prototype is ready and ready to go in market
25 SOWMS Solid Organic Waste Managing System produces bio gas through the use of solid waste.
26 Cooking Stove Designing and contructing natural draft cook stove.
27 Evaporative Cooler N/A
28 Bee Venom Collector A device to collect bee venom which can be used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes.
29 Grass Cutter A hand tool which can be used to the cut the grass of the filed, which would be low weight and easy to handle.
30 Wine Making Producing premium wine locally.
31 Smart Water Tank A device which is used to indicate the water level in water tank and can automatically switch on and off in necessary condition.
32 Jaguar S1 Armed Robot which can be used in defense and fire arm industry.
33 Floor Cleaning Robot A robot which can be used to clean the floor of the hotel and house automatically.