Our Vision


Little happening in Nepal to promote country economy

90% of goods are imported

Lack of enterpreneur initiative by government

Brain drain

Nation’s needs?

Initiative for Enterpurnership

Required a major economic haul. Empowered by science, technology, creation, and innovation

Need to retain people talent and creativity


The vision of the National Innovation Center (NIC) is to introduce a Research and Development (R&D) culture to Nepal, and to help nurture and promote innovation-based ecosystems for socio-economic development, by employing both grassroots (bottom-up) and top-down approaches as described below.

Grassroots Approach (Bottom-up) : In order to recognize the often-overlooked resourcefulness and inventiveness of grassroots innovators, NIC will set up network of local innovation hubs in rural Nepali communities, with the goal of providing tools and resources to support the innovative rural Nepali populace, and incubating their creative ideas. NIC will support them in creatively solving local challenges, while also contributing to the local economy.

Structured Approach (Top-down Approach) : NIC will also focus on building central and regional structures to work with talented and innovative Nepalis who are either studying at or have graduated from the university. NIC will also support and collaborate with innovators and researchers who are already working in Nepal in many fields of innovation and invention. These innovation hubs will become accelerators and incubators at a national level, and will support innovative enterprises and research projects that can positively impact the social and economic fabric of the country.

Networked Approach (External Supporters) : NIC will persuade Nepali researchers currently working abroad or in Nepal to support its efforts. Our vision includes creating an environment conducive to encouraging talented Nepali researchers and scientists to engage and contribute in various ways in order to help nurture the creativity of young and talented Nepalis. NIC will create a database of those researchers and will encourage them to provide mentorship to young Nepali innovators.

Our sustainability Plan

Leading The Country Through Innovation !