Alternative Protein Source for Poultry Farming

Alternative Protein Source for Poultry Farming

By Unchhohang Limbu| Feb 26, 2019 ( ~ 1 min read )

कृषि तथा बन बिश्वबिद्यालय चितवनका ४ जना बिद्यार्थीहरुले Black Soldier Fly जातको झिंगाहरु बाट कुखुरा तथा माछाको दाना बनाउने अनुसन्धान चितवनमा नै गरिरहेका छन्. तर त्यसको लागी दोस्रो लटको झिंगाको फुल आयात गर्न कागतपत्र बनाउन ढिला भै रहेछ.


A team of four students of Agriculture and Forestry University Chitwan with mentorship from a professor there are developing alternative animal protein resources for poultry by using black soldier fly larvae. Document work has been completed from respective government offices for importing the black soldier pupae and the pupae have been sent from Indonesia. Black Soldier Fly Farm has been set up at the University Livestock Farm for breeding, pupation and larvae production and harvesting purposes. Necessary amenities have been added as per required and farm provided to the team has been subsequently modified. Likewise, Poster presentation giving overview of research project was also done in International Poultry Symposium 2018.

Find the report in PDF format here.