Sabji Kothi

Sabji Kothi

By Jikesh Thapa| Jul 04, 2019 ( ~ 4 mins read )

‘SABJI-KOTHI’: Low cost, Decentralised, Portable storage for extending the shelf-life of horticultural produces. It is a non-cooling, non-chemical solution which is bound to increase the income of marginal farmers and trader’s up-to 30%.


  • The extremely short shelf life of horticultural and floricultural produce results in a big chunk of the produce not making it to the market at all and ends up getting wasted.
  • Just to take Nepal into account, Nepal produces 55 lakh Metric Tonnes out of which 25 lakh Metric tonnes of horticulture produce is wasted which makes the market price of horticulture commodity twice the price otherwise it would be.
  • Due to an extremely short life and poor transportation facilities, the market lacks the quality horticultural produce. Also, the farmer has a lack of information about the market and price of their produces in the cities.
  • Few cold storage are built but that is not sufficient enough to tackle the enormous amount of waste that is generated also high Initial and maintenance cost of cold-storage, its uneven distribution and lack of incentive to invest doesn’t allow the cold-storage technology to make changes at the decentralized level.
  • Poor transportation facility, Poor infrastructure ie lack of cold value chain again is a major contributor towards wastage, most of the horticultural produce loses its quality and eventually get wasted during the transportation.
  • The wastage of horticulture commodity produces methane which has a high global warming impact.


Our team has developed a minimum viable product termed as the ‘sabjikothi,’ colloquially translated to a chamber of vegetables, that can be utilized for the storage of perishable fruit and vegetable produce ranging from 10 to 40 days depending upon the particular crop. The chamber can be used to store and transport flowers as well. SaptKrishi’s SabjiKothi is a low-cost, technological solution that extends the shelf life of perishable horticultural produce through the construction of an high-humid and sterile, controlled microclimate in an isolated chamber incorporated with technology like electric corona discharge. It suppresses respiration rate, inhibits ethylene biosynthesis as well as oxidizes ethylene into small molecules,delays browning as well as ripening and regulate the activity of the antioxidant enzyme. The controlled microclimate created inside the airtight chamber enables the storage of fruits and vegetables for anywhere between 10 to 40 days. It is one of its kind as it does not require cooling and any chemical to extend the shelf-life of horticultural produce and is a green solution. The complete setup operates on 15-watt solar panel and requires up to 5 liter of water in a week, and no further maintenance is needed.

We are upgrading ‘SabjiKothi’ and making the storage completely controllable via app. Once the farmer has the app into his phone, he can regulate the microclimate inside the storage via an app. The app has two sets of function one is controlling the microclimate inside the storage so that optimized condition for the storage of different types of horticultural commodities can be made so that one can get a further increase in shelf-life of “horti-produces”. Hence single storage for different types of horti-produces. The second set of function will be completely dedicated to farmers engaged in horticultural production, the app will give suggestive advises regarding the fruits and vegetables to be grown based upon the local weather condition. Also, the app will provide market information so that farmer can take its products to cities.

A massive amount of post-harvest losses can be diminished provided contextually app & storage.


  • Portable, On-farm Infrastructure can be created using ‘sabjikothi’ and a large amount of horticultural produces can be saved from getting wasted.
  • Very low cost, Rs 10,000 for the capacity of 200-300 Kg. Even lower price for marginal farmers and women farmers.
  • Less Maintenance only up-to 5 liters water/week is required.
  • Non-Cooling, Non-Chemical, hence no environmental impact.
  • Programmable, Data generation via an app.
  • The precise range of key matrices for controlling microclimate – Trade Secret
  • Suggestion on precise horticultural farming, new market opportunity and connecting buyer via user-friendly App.
  • Very less power is required only 15 watts either on or off the grid


Sabji Kothi Team