Need and Opportunity

One of the main reasons why Nepal is economically a least developed country is because there is not much happening for economic development. Nepal imports over 90% of its products for different purposes, and it exports less than 10% of its products for foreign currency, resulting in huge trade deficit. Therefore, a major economic overhaul is required to make Nepal a developed country in the 21st century. For that to happen, Nepal must give the highest priority to science, technology-creation and innovation in order to ensure a sustainable base for her much needed growth engines. Considerable attention is needed to nurturing home grown inventors, innovators and scientists for economic development to happen. However, because of the lack of such an initiative at the government level, many talented, innovative and creative Nepalese are leaving the country every year in search of better careers and opportunities abroad. This is a huge and shameful loss for a poor country like Nepal. As a result, Nepal is still one of the least developed countries, despite so much foreign aid over many years. Unless and until Nepal stops losing creative, innovative and talented human resources at such an alarming rate, it will always remain an underdeveloped country. At such a situation no investor would be interested to invest in Nepal for establishing any kind of industry. This is the bitter but irrefutable fact. Our goal is to keep talented and creative people and use their talents for the economic development of Nepal through research and innovation.