Vision and Approaches

The vision of the National Innovation Center is to introduce Research and Development (R&D) culture to Nepal and help to nurture and promote innovation based ecosystems by employing both grassroots (bottom-up) and top-down approaches as given below.

  • Grassroots Approach: In order to recognize the often-overlooked resourcefulness and inventiveness of grassroots innovators, NIC intends to set up network of local grassroots innovation hubs in rural Nepali communities with the idea to provide tools and resources to support innovative rural Nepali populace and to incubate their creative ideas. NIC will support them to creatively solve their local challenges, all the while contributing to the local economy.
  • Top-down Approach: NIC will be focused to build a central structure and regional structures to work with talented and innovative Nepalese, who are either studying at the university or graduated from the university. It will also support to and collaborate with innovators and researchers, who are already working in Nepal in different fields of innovations and inventions. These hubs are intended to act as ‘impact accelerators or incubators’ at the national level to support innovative enterprises and research projects that can positively impact the social and economic fabric of the country.
  • Persuade Nepalese Researchers Currently Working Abroad for Support: The vision also includes creating an environment conducive to persuading talented Nepali researchers and scientists currently working abroad to engage and contribute in various ways to help nurture the creativity of young and talented Nepali back home. NIC will create a database of those researchers and scientists and will request them to provide mentorship to young Nepali researchers and innovators in various fields as it will be needed.