Getting Necessary Tools to the Right People

By Dr. Mahabir Pun|   Oct 13, 2020
Distributing Protective Gear

Distributing protective gears to the front-line health-workers of Nepal to reduce the risk of infection and keeping the number of active personnel high.

According to the government statistics till date, the number of corona infected in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal is 16 thousand 39 people. In other 74 districts, the total number of corona infected is 10 thousand 6 hundred 81. This is how the pressure of patients is seen to be increased in the Kathmandu Valley.

Keeping this in mind, the National Invention Center will provide the following equipment only to the hospitals that treat corona.

  1. Doctors and Nurses working at ICU - Two types of PAPR (Powered Air-Purifying Respirator) are shown in the photo below. 20 ready so far and others are in the making.
  2. For patients in ICU with difficulty breathing - CPAP and BIPAP machines from the US - currently 16 in stock.
    Return once used
    . More units are being produced as we speak.
  3. For patients in ICU showing severe symptoms - Isolation Hoods. 50 produced so far and counting.
  4. To transfer infected patients to and between hospitals in ambulances or helicopters - Isolation Chamber. 10 have been made so far and more are being made.
  5. In order to safely carry dead bodies - Body Bags. 20 are available, more can be made on demand.

Equipment mentioned in the list

If you are working in any of the concerned areas mentioned above and require any of the equipment we have, let us know.
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Our Fight Against COVID-19

There are various projects run by National Innovation Center to fight with COVID-19 outbreak such as development and distribution of PPE, Booth, Aerosol Box, Ventilator, Robot, Disinfection Box and more.

Our team at NIC has been hard at work from the very beginning of the pandemic and we have developed many solutions to help with this crisis.

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