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COVID-19 Campaign by NIC

Our fight against Covid-19

Brief Report of the COVID-19 Campaign Run by National Innovation Center (Rastriya Awiskar Kendra) to Help Mitigate the Spread of Corona Virus in Nepal Until October 08, 2020

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Assisting the Front-Line

Getting Necessary Tools to the Right People

Distributing protective gears to the front-line health-workers of Nepal to reduce the risk of infection and keeping the number of active personnel high.

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Personal Protective Equipment

The Pneumask Project and PAPR

We have implemented the Pneumask project and PAPR(Powered Air-Purifying Respirator) for the first time in Nepal with collaboration with the Prakash Lab at Stanford University.

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Innovation of the year

Baby Warmer

Nyano Nani is an innovative Biomedical equipment designed for the purpose of providing the necessary warmth that the baby requires in the crucial time. It was designed at the National Innovation Center with the sole purpose of building cost-effective and easy-to-use infant warmers where it is overlooked.

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Baby Warmer


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