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National Innovation Center is with you ;to make Nepal an economically developed country

Rolling Projects

Why NIC?

Nepal imports over 90% of the goods and exports less than 10% resulting in huge trade deficit. In order to make Nepal economically prosperous, we need to create products and services in the country itself. Nepal must give highest priority to science, technology development and innovation in order to ensure sustainable base to back the needed economic haul. The goal of NIC is to develop the culture of research and innovation in Nepal, retain talented and creative people from going abroad and to use their talents for the economic development of Nepal specifically through research and innovation.

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Our Support

Step 1

Provide full financial support and mentoring for accelerating prototype design.

Step 2

Provide full financial support and mentoring for product development.

Step 3

Provide full support for securing patents, trademarks, intellectual property rights, etc.

Step 4

Provide support for introducing them to investors so that they can launch innovative products and services aimed at improving economic and social development.

Request To Individual & Donor Communities

NIC has asked the government of Nepal for seed funding for the development of a 10 MW hydropower station. However, because of a lack of interest from the government, we launched a public fundraising campaign in July 2016 to raise US$5 million from Nepalis living in Nepal and abroad. NIC has had a very good response from both Nepalis and friends of Nepal.

Bring ideas and skills to help establish and run innovation centers in the most productive ways.

Sign up to become mentors for talented Nepali innovators and inventors if you are expert

Provide one time financial support and material support in whatever capacity you can/p>

Contribute 30 minutes or more of your time per week to share and promote the importance of the innovation center with your relatives, neighbors, friends and other Nepalis

Moreover, NIC would like to request business houses, donor communities and angel investors to give one-time financial support either in the form of a grant or a soft loan to help realize the project. Such support will make a long-lasting positive impact on the economic and social development of Nepal. Your contribution could be the most meaningful investment you will ever make in supporting Nepal so it can become an economically prosperous country.

While the hydropower building team will be involved in constructing the hydropower station for long-term sustainability, NIC has built a working space and research lab in Kathmandu and has started providing support to innovative and creative people working on small scale innovation and research.


Leading The Country Through Innovation !