Baby Warmer

One day every birth Center of Nepal will have Nyano Nani



Nyano Nani is an innovative Biomedical equipment designed for the purpose of providing the necessary warmth that the baby requires in the crucial time. It was designed at the National Innovation Center with the sole purpose of building cost-effective and easy-to-use infant warmers where it is overlooked.Nyano Nani not only provides warmth but does it in a controlled manner. Our minimalist and intuitive design of the control panel includes just the important buttons and indicators for the operator so that the operator does not get overwhelmed.Since the product is designed and built in Nepal,  we aim to produce Nyano nani in large numbers. Through training and demonstrations, we plan to generate skilled operators who can independently use this device throughout Nepal. A country-wide network of local engineers and technicians will be a key factor in providing quick maintenance and service when necessary.

Baby Warmer


I would like to put forward a real-life context of the rural health centers in Nepal in front of you. Rural health facilities of Nepal lack proper neonatal equipment and trained personnel that can operate them on a daily basis. Research shows that out of 1000 live births in Nepal, 29 do not make it through the fist few months due to this problem. An important factor that contributes to this infant mortality rate is hypothermia. A condition in which an infant looses health rapidly. Traditional methods like electric heaters, heat from filament bulbs and burning coals pose significant threat to the child since basic hygiene, risk of electrical shock and polluted air remain unnoticed in efforts to save the baby's life in a limited resource setting. A majority babies these babies who do not receive the necessary care during the neo-natal period develop short to long term health problems like asthma, pneumonia and respiratory diseases.

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We envision that Nyano Nani will be installed and operated in 50% of Nepali birth centers by 2023. Our company will encompass a well-developed 24-hour service infrastructure with help from our wide local network of service technicians and engineers. Our plan for a rigorous training program of local technicians will ensure that this goal can also be achieved in the most remote birth centers of the country. We hope that in a couple of years, our product will contribute to keep new-born babies warm and hence save lives throughout the country every day. Contributing in this way, we wish not only to help patients and new families, but also to prove that our team is able to develop biomedical devices in Nepal that live up to the highest international standards. Finally, we aim to have established a strong brand, high level of reliability and strong customer loyalty. At this stage we hope our company will have grown to a stage, where proceedings from Nyano Nani can enable us to invest in product improvements and novel developments, such that we will be able to create even more jobs and opportunities for the skilled and talented manpower of Nepal.

System Control Characteristics

Manual mode+ Auto mode
Heater Output 0-650W Power adjustable
Manual Mode heat selection range (20-100%) in 10% increments
Auto Mode 30- 38°C in increments of 0.1°C
Auto mode maintain resolution: ± 0.2° C
Temperature Measurement Accuracy ± 0.2°C
Temperature Display Resolution ± 0.1°C

Product Specifications

Electrical Power Requirements

Power Requirements: 220V  ± 10%, Nominal Power Consumption: 700 W max, Satisfies with IEC 60601-2-21

Operational Environment

Operating Temp Range: +18 to +30 ° C, Humidity: 30 to 70% RH


Height: 1750mm, Mattress Size: 640*460mm, Bed to Heater Cabinet Height: 750mm



Physical Characteristics

Heater Cabinet Rotation 90° CW/ 90° CCW to facilitate X-ray procedures, Bed Tilt 30°


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