CSR Collaboration with Jyoti Bank Limited

Recently completed CSR event with Jyoti Bikash Bank Limited for Nyano Nani

CSR Collaboration with Jyoti Bank Limited


Date: April 10, 2021.

Jyoti Bikash Bank Limited has been one of the few banks in Nepal that has been working actively in the areas of Corporate Social Responsibilities in efforts to bring about a positive change in society. One such recent activity was in collaboration with the National Innovation Center, Nepal. After careful need evaluation from various health facilities throughout the country, Jyoti Bikash Bank procured 10 units of the National Innovation Center’s product “Nyano Nani” to provide it to the shortlisted health facilities in the rural and suburban areas of Nepal. Nyano Nani is an infant radiant warmer designed and developed completely in Nepal by a team of innovators at the National Innovation Center.

The joint team of 4 installed 10 units of Nyano Nani and provided engaging awareness and training programs on the operation of the radiant warmers to help treat neonatal babies' last two months. The installation locations are as follows:

  1. Madhya Bindu District Hospital, Kawasoti, Nawalpur : Jan 15,2021
  2. Kapilvastu Community Hospital, Jeetpur, Kapilvastu : Jan 16,2021
  3. Pyuthan Hospital, Bagdulla, Pyuthan : Jan 17,2021
  4. Mahakali Hospital, Mahendranagar : Jan 18,2021
  5. Ramgopalpur Health Centre, Mahottari : Feb 8,2021
  6. AMDA Hospital, Damak, Jhapa : Feb 9,2021
  7. Khotang District Hospital, Diktel, Khotang : Feb 11,2021
  8. Samari Health Centre, Megyang, Nuwakot : Feb 22,2021
  9. Beni Hospital, Myagdi : March 3,2021
  10. Burtibang PHC, Baglung : March 3,2021

During the installation, the team observed the pre-installation status of the sites. A critical problem observed was a lack of an electrical earthing system. The team counseled the technical department for setting up a proper grounding of leakage within 5Volts AC. They have also cautioned about the possible hazard of electrical shocks that may arise in absence of proper earthing.

The team focused on proper training and demonstration of the device.  The users (nurses and midwives) were guided with hands-on experience in operating the device. This resulted in getting familiar with using Nyano Nani confidently.

With this CSR event, Jyoti Bikash Bank Limited provided National Innovation Center with an opportunity to take Nyano Nani to areas where it will provide the most impact. The neonatal service at these locations has been expanded to the community and birthing practices would be significantly increased due to this safe treatment of newly born babies.

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