DataHub provides YetiCloud support to National Innovation Center

Hosted In NEPAL

DataHub provides YetiCloud support to National Innovation Center


DataHub, one of Nepal’s fastest-growing providers of data services and a trusted brand extended support to The National Innovation Center’s (NIC) efforts on bringing about a holistic development in innovation and entrepreneurship. This company has been supporting local businesses since 2012 as a key enabler to their digital journey. Continuing to this, they recently provided unlimited access to NIC on the YetiCloud, Nepal’s First Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).
An instance of the Medical Drone Management software developed by NIC’s drone team: Prokura Innovations is currently being tested there. With this new instance of the Drone Management System, the team expects a faster communication speed, more secure data and is already experiencing DataHub’s dedicated local customer support.

In congruence to NICs’ vision of offering a better local alternative to the public, Datahub’s local infrastructure means local government compliance, no more foreign currency transfer delays and hassles, and local language support.

In the future, Datahub wishes to provide even more compute infrastructure, collocation, storage, and networking, all backed by an up-time guarantee. NIC is very thankful for this support and is looking forward to future collaborations with DataHub.

More about their wide range of products and services below:

DataHub's Products and Services

Besides Data Centers, DataHub is also marked for its industry-leading products/services. The customers can avail themselves of the company's advanced Infrastructure, Cloud, Security, and Online services/packages at convenient costs. Below, we have more in detail


DataHub offers turnkey cloud computing services to Nepali enterprises. The customer can save on all the upfront hardware, software, and expertise costs by just utilizing their cloud servers without the need to manually provision and manage physical servers. The customers can choose from the below services to benefit from their distinctive features.

  • Public Cloud
  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • Private Cloud



It integrates both PaaS and CaaS layers in a turnkey package and provides scalability, high availability, and service separation for an affordable cost. It allows you to set your limit and pay only for what you use (pay-per-use). This system also enables the customers to install dozens of applications at a click via widgets.

platform as a service datahub

YetiCloud (Nepal’s First Platform-as-a-Service): Sign up and get a bonus of NPR 1,000.

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

With DataHub's platform backing your data up, you can eliminate failure/ disaster making sure that your business can flow continuously even under critical failures. For this, the company has a team, infrastructure, and system that backs up your site and helps it stay afloat soon as possible.

Security Services

The company uses a variety of security capabilities using new technologies that protect workload in the cloud. DataHub provides firewalls, IDPs, DDOS protection, WAF, etc. to protect your businesses' vital assets.


DataHub is equipped with the most reliable, and an efficient backup-as-a-Service option to reduce recovery time. Your data remains safe, stable, and recoverable in times of mishap/catastrophe, thanks to its technologies and sites availability in Kathmandu and Butwal.


Meanwhile, the company also provides services for video streaming, software downloads, web, and mobile content acceleration, transparent caching, and services to measure CDN performance. This allows for the quick transfer of critical assets required for internet content loading HTML pages, JavaScript, etc.

CDN as a service datahub


The web application firewall (WAF) protects your web applications from a range of layer attacks such as cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, cookie poisoning, blocking incoming malicious HTTP/S traffic, and others. With WAF at your disposal, you can ward off breach attempts that could compromise your systems.


Why choose DataHub Services?

Because it's Locally Tailored

DataHub implements standards and regulations that fully adhere to business requirements in Nepal.

You can expect Low Latency

The Company’s services are hosted in Nepal. This means you can expect low latency on services that equates to faster and smoother responses.

Local Billing in NPR

You can pay for services in Nepali rupees avoiding hassles with foreign currencies, and fluctuations.

Receive 24/7 Local Support

With DataHub, services are guaranteed 24/7. You are just one call away from the dedicated team to serve you anytime.

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