Baby Warmer

Baby Warmer

By Jikesh Thapa| Feb 19, 2020 ( ~ 1 min read )


The clinical application of baby warmer is very important to the babies at time of birth,when they are vulnerable. The baby warmer not only warms the baby but also maintains the appropriate temperature and keeps away the risk of hypothermia and other possible diseases like pneumonia,respiratory diseases etc.

Ceramic heater is attached to the reflector (parabolic) and radiates heat towards the bassinet. PID control system is incorporated for maintaining the temperature and prompts safety alarms and indications if any deviation.


A team has successfully developed and tested a baby warmer at National Innovation Center. It has been provided to the Kirtipur Hopsital for operation and is functional since January 4th 2020. The team trained a group of nurses and biomedical engineers on the operation of the warmer.

In addition, other versions of this warmer is also in development phase. Improvising the portability, ease of use and medical certifications are the prime focus topics for the upcoming versions.

With this warmer, we aim to alleviate the neonatal health conditions in rural health centers and birth centers.

A massive amount of post-harvest losses can be diminished provided contextually app & storage.


Our vision is to place and increase application of these baby warmers in every birth centers/health centers of Nepal.


  • To make low cost economic Baby Warmer targeting for rural hospitals and health centres.
  • To incorporate both Skin(servo) mode and Manual mode with more safety.
  • To initiate the culture of developing biomedical equipments in Nepal.