Nyano Nani

Nyano Nani

By Jikesh Thapa| Feb 19, 2020 ( ~ 1 min read )


Nyano Nani is an infant warmer built with the ambition of providing the required warmth to an infant right after delivery in birth centers of Nepal. It is the first infant warmer designed and built completely in Nepal.


Nyano Nani not only saves the life of the babies who are losing rapid heat post-birth but also prevents them from developing asthma, bronchitis and other serious respiratory diseases. Hence, it is a curative as well as a preventive device. In addition to alleviating the problem of morbidity and mortality for new born babies, it brings about a positive change in the economy of Nepal through self-reliance and self-prosperity. When products like NN are developed in our country Nepal, we do not have to rely on other countries for it. A lot of skilled-man power and engineers will be utilized in upscaling this product. This can work as a motivation for numerous other innovators and entrepreneurs to do the same. In this way, the impact of our product could reach beyond improving the quality of Nepali birth centre health services, by also creating more local production and strengthening the Nepali economy.


We envision that Nyano Nani will be installed and operatedl in 50% of Nepali birth centres by 2023. Our company will encompass a well-developed 24-hour service infrastructure with help from our wide local network of service technicians and engineers. Our plan for a rigorous training program of local technicians will ensure that this goal can also be achieved in the most remote birth centres of the country.

We hope that in a coupleof years, our product will contribute to keep new-born babies warm and hence save lives throughout the country every day. Contributing in this way, we wish not only to help patients and new families, but also to prove that our team is able to develop biomedical devices in Nepal that live up to the highest international standards.

Finally, we aim to have established a strong brand, high level of reliability and strong customer loyalty. At this stage we hope our company will have grown to a stage, where proceedings from Nyano Nani can enable us to invest in product improvements and novel developments, such that we will be able to create even more jobs and opportunities for the skilled and talented manpower of Nepal.