Black Soldier Fly

Organic waste into protein ingredient for animal feed and high quality fertilizer

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While the problem of organic waste management is growing in the cities; farmers have been in great loss due to expensive feed costs for their animals and fertilizer costs for their plants. Nepal annually imports feed ingredients of more than 16 billion rupees. As a part of an initiative to solve all these problems in Nepalese society, Black Soldier Fly was chosen as a solution. With Black Soldier Fly technology, we can convert huge quantities of organic waste into protein ingredient for animal feed and high quality fertilizer for field applications merely in a matter of 10 days. We rear the flies on a setup we designed year-round and have found Nepali-hacks to optimize productivity on our environment.

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As every idea starts with a bunch of youngsters who are willing to do something for the society, ours was the same. Our team leader had this thought of pioneering BSF-tech in Nepal. We knew how to do it; but never had we thought it would be such a long journey. As with all young fellows, we didn't have enough capital to start with. Our team comes from Agriculture and Forestry University, which is known for its hardcore political environment nationwide. Our team leader was wandering on Facebook where he saw post of Dr. Mahabir Pun calling for some innovative ideas from youngsters (something like a challenge, given to students of IOE, Dharan). That's when he thought of contacting Dr. Pun. It was an email that our team leader wrote. We were surprised that he actually replied. Damn, it was hard to believe as we had studied about him in our social studies books. We talked further, we presented our proposals, and he came to meet us here at AFU with his team. AFU and NIC signed a MoU for our project. We got amazing mentors and got continuous support form all of them throughout our research phase. There were lot's of problems: strikes at the university, paperwork issues, logistic problems, government based lab's service problems, our studies were there as well. However, though it took way long than our anticipated time, we finally did it. We made a working prototype for BSF breeding and rearing unit. We took 2 years to complete our research phase and now have shifted to private farm. It feels glad to give hope to coming generation of students from our University that it's possible; with the courage and motivation, right guidance and support; it's possible to create a change.


We aim to decrease the input costs related to agriculture and livestock husbandry, thereby allowing farmers to fetch more profits and decrease the carbon footprint of this industry; merely by utilization of waste around them.

Key Features

Use BSF technology to convert organic waste into feed and fertilizer merely in 10 days. Decrease the carbon footprint of agricultural operations. Increase your profits and make food systems sustainable.


We offer customized designs for BSF farms as per your requirement, location and budget. We offer training, consulting support, seed stock and supply equipment to help you setup your own farm.


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