Digital Health

Digital Health

Digital Health

Enhancing healthcare solutions with innovation using OpenSource Technology

Developing innovative and affordable solutions designed to enhance and modernize digital healthcare services.

Developing innovative and affordable solutions designed to enhance and modernize digital healthcare services in Nepal using the Opensource Technology for resource constraint region. Till Now National Innovation Center has implemented the Electronic Health Record System in 4 Different health care facilities namely Trishuli Hospital, Dhulikhel Hospital for the Covid Patient Survelliences, Dhading District Hospital, Chitwan Aged home care center. Our EHR system can be used for the longitudnal care and data can be used for the evidence based follow up care. While the availability of affordable and accessible healthcare has been a focus essential for everyone, people especially from rural areas of Nepal continue to lack access to basic health services, medicines, expertise, and medical equipment as the government struggles to keep them supplied due to inadequate funding.

Digital Health


Tele-Medicine and Electronic Health Recording System which records information of patients visiting hospitals. We opensource Health IT system leveraging the low resource settings where health care is broken. EHR system is proven technology in Low and Middle Income Countries through the Opensource Technology. We follow the sustainable model of implementation with the principle of building the ecosystem around HealthIT. Our core stack consists of OpenMRS, OpenELIS, ODOO, DCM4CHEE. We support Government and community hospitals to implement EMR and till date we have supported Dhulikhel Hospital, Trishuli Hospital, Chitwan aged care home and in the process of developing the modules for Government hospitals which aligns the Nepal health care model.

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