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Looma education project


Looma is an interactive educational device designed to be a cost-effective, portable, user-friendly and sturdy unit able to function with low-power and without an internet connection.The product was developed by Looma Education and adopted by the National Innovation Center in order to expand its reach. Lomma consists of a pointing input interface, audio-visual output interface and the government-mandated syllabus upto Grade 10 built into it along with interactive games, video and audio lessons, dictionary, etc. The project has a lot of untapped potential and we here at NIC aim to ensure that it lives up to it.

Who needs this?

Though it may be hard to believe, even in this modern age of energy and networking there are places around the globe that still lack both. Many remote areas of Nepal still suffer from underdeveloped infrastructures such as stable electricity, lack of cellular and internet coverage, quality educational content and up-to-date information, etc. Though Looma can be used even in fully-stocked and facility-rich institutions, these remote and isolated areas are our primary targets.

Our Solution

Looma delivers updated and informative content in an interactive way without the need for an internet connection or high-voltage power source. It combines a computer, A/V projection system, webcam, and massive storage. It uses only 55W from deep-cycle 12-volt batteries that are charged with solar power.


Despite our efforts to keep the costs manageable and our reach wide, we are still falling short of our goals. We require more manpower and ideas to improve and expand the project. If you want to help us in the endeavor, please let us know through the submit idea section.


Bright 700-lumen image--typically 1X2 meters projected on a white wall
Full set of textbooks for Grades 1-10
15,000 media files including Wikipedia, Khan Academy and many more
Ample sound for the whole classroom
A webcam to record teacher or student presentations
Connectivity by mobile phone, Ethernet (when available), USB, and WiFi
Many operating features: built-in dictionary, English text-to-speech (reads the text to students), lesson plans, white board
Fully interactive--controlled by an aerial mouse (a wand) anywhere in the room


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