Nourishing minds with modern digital education.

An innovative education system that is aligned with government-mandated curriculum aims to address the prevailing education-related concerns.

Educating the future of our nation "Our Children’s" and providing them with the necessary means to realize their true potential is of utmost importance to accompany economic growth. However, issues of quality education and its access remains a challenge in some parts of Nepal. Schools in rural areas of Nepal have several financial and logistical challenges that limit the education, college path, and professional choices of the students. We believe that the use of technology can help in mitigating these challenges. Adopting an interactive learning system designed by the National Innovation Center to improve the quality of education in the rural classroom can be a way to addressing the prevailing education-related concerns regarding the shortage of educational materials that affect the quality of education.



Looma is an interactive educational device designed to be a cost-effective, portable, user-friendly and sturdy unit able to function with low-power and without an internet connection.

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