Digital Health

Tele-Medicine and Electronic Health Recording System which records information of patients visiting hospitals

Main Problem

Health care is fragmented and is lacking evidence based care.


Integrated Health Care Solution

Clinical, diagnostic and patient management information are all important for effective patient care. The information that Bahmni makes accessible helps health care providers to improve the efficiency and quality of patient care, reduce the margin of error in clinical diagnosis, and advocate for policies related to public health in rural areas. NIC is committed to provided the patient centered health IT implementation. An integrated solution with flexible and Modular design with adaptability capacity which can be used on variety of devices including tablets and laptops. Till date globally 400+ sites, 50 countries, 4K users and 2M patient records has taken the health care services using this technology. NIC initiatives around the digital health is for people with low digital literacy and support the health care cadres around the remote places of Nepal. Some of the significant implementation around Nepal from the team of NIC namely Dhulikhel Hospital, Chitwan aged home care, Trishuli Hospital We provide the implementation support for any of the digital health intervention around mHealth, opensource development, Electronic Health Record training and Health Information Exchange training. To know more about the product please follow
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