Promoting innovations focused on environmental preservation.

Adopting green innovations to transform traditional innovation practices to reduce adverse environmental implications.

Green initiatives adopted by different sectors worldwide aim to reduce the environmental impacts through optimal use of resources. We should be considerate and responsible towards the environment while inventing any good or service and that is exactly what we do at NIC. Our innovations are designed to maximize the positive environmental impact that creates long-term value for the national economy and creates a healthy plant to create sustainable livelihood and reduce the rapid depletion of natural resources. Besides this, we adopt the technology and practices that also invest in research and development efforts and initiatives that are geared towards environmentally friendly products.

Black Soldier Fly


Black Soldier Fly technology, we can convert huge quantities of organic waste into protein ingredient for animal feed and high quality fertilizer for field applications merely in a matter of 10 days. We rear the flies on a setup we designed year-round and have found Nepali-hacks to optimize productivity on our environment.

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