Grass Cutter

An portable hand-held tool for trimming grass safely and easily.


  • To provide a portable, easy-to-use and locally produced alternative
  • To reduce reliability on foreign products
  • To create quality products at affordable prices

Key Features

  • Systematic and effective way to cut grass: The lightweight counter-oscillating blade bar creates low vibration and the machine is User- Friendly.
  • Saves time in this busy world: The high-speed oscillating blade bar can cut a large amount of grass in a very short time as compared to Sickle.
  • Reduce pollution and maintains the ecosystem: It is battery powered which can also be charged using a solar panel. Hence, it runs on fully Renewable Energy.

Team Members

Sachin Devkota



25cm x 20cm x 10cm




Cordless Drill (21V), Grinder Bevel, Gear Bevel, Gear Key, Bearings, Cutting Blades, Rivets, Nuts and Bolts

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