Electronic Billing System

An affordable and portable alternative to traditional ERPs and OMSs.

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Small restaurants have become an integral part of the daily life of every middleclass average Nepali. The trend is extremely apparent and on the rise in urban areas, where people much rather prefer to save time and money by visiting restaurants than cook at home. An average Nepali spends around 11 percent of his/her income in restaurants and there are over 2000 currently operational in the country. The product was developed targeting these small restaurants to optimize the businesses and increase workflow efficacy. The Electronic Billing System functions on two fronts: A web application that accepts the orders and provides a cut-down order management interface and a java application that asynchronously prints out tokens reflecting orders and various changes. The system is hosted on Raspberry Pi, the web application can be accessed through any web browser and the tokens are printed out on a 58mm thermal printer unit mounted on the device.


The project was initially undertaken by the team to provide a cheap, lightweight and user-friendly alternative to traditional KOTs for the remote lodges located in the Khopra Ridge. The initial requirement was simply to receive orders and produce a bill of the order after the completion of the transaction. As the project progressed, further features were added to improve the overall usability of the system as well as match the standards of the alternatives available on the market. Eventually, the system shaped into a digital menu with integrated order management functionalities.


To provide an affordable and portable alternative to traditional ERPs and OMSs. To create a cut-down user-friendly interface to allow for a shallow learning curve. To enable rapid deployment and setup in any corner of the nation and permit small scale implementations.

Key Features

User Authentication implemented for security and access control.Editable Digital Menu interface for order placement and integrated Order Management section.Automatic Token and Bill printing in 58mm format via attached thermal printer.Local data storage, routine cloud backup and activity logging.Sturdy protection casing made of 6mm acrylic.


Web Application

Web Application: Language: PHP5, IDE: Visual Studio Code, Front-End Tools: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

Print API

Language: Java, Libraries Used: Log4j, Quartz, Google Services API, IDE: NetBeans IDE 8.2, Dependency Mgmt.: Maven JDK: JDK8u251


Printer: HPT-II Thermal Printer, Controller: Raspberry Pi (3, 3b, 4), Interfaces: 1x Ethernet Port 4x USB Ports 1x USB Micro-B (Power) 1x 3-Pin (Printer)

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