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NIC commits to promoting Agriculture, one of the largest sources of revenue generation for many Nepalese people, through research and innovation. NIC has designed and tested useful tools, so as to shift farming from traditional to smart.

Nepal has long been an agriculture-based country. Over 80% of the population is involved in agriculture, where one third of GDP comes from agriculture. There are numerous opportunities in agriculture in Nepal because of varied agro-climate prevailed in the country. However, agricultural development in Nepal is constrained mainly due to issues of access to appropriate technology and uses of knowledge and innovation. National Innovation Center has been constantly working on bridging this gap. We have designed and tested various innovative tools that are transforming and leading the transformation of the traditional and labor-intensive process of the agriculture in Nepal. Through innovation, we aim to equip agricultural sector to cope with challenges of improved production, sustainable utilization of natural resources, and improving livelihoods.

Black Soldier Fly


Black Soldier Fly technology, we can convert huge quantities of organic waste into protein ingredient for animal feed and high quality fertilizer for field applications merely in a matter of 10 days. We rear the flies on a setup we designed year-round and have found Nepali-hacks to optimize productivity on our environment.

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