Household Innovations

Household Innovations

Household Innovations

No idea is too small, every innovation matters.

Adopting and nourishing sustainable household inventions to give a powerful boost to the economy.

Household innovation is an important source that creates a product or process that has the potential to generate service flow to households. These forms of innovation are among one of the best ideas and equipment that frees up our busy lives. For us, encouraging Household R&D (or household innovation) through the implementation of technology and knowledge in partnership with creative thinkers and innovators is crucial not just for economical growth but to create affordable household solutions for better lives throughout the nation.

Solar Water Heater


The availability of hot water, especially during winter seasons, is highly essential for our country, where more than 50% of our population resides in mountainous areas. Solar thermal technologies are quite relevant for mountainous regions, where the national electricity grid connection is not available due to the high cost for the same.

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